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The State Government has decided to extend public distribution system (PDS) doles to over 5,000 families of traditional marine fishermen living along the Paradip coast.

Environmentalists have urged PM Manmohan Singh to take lead in ocean protection - an environmental issue that has so far failed to receive focused attention during negotiations and consultations at

Sensors would be installed at 10 strategic locations in the Chilika lake as a part of the monitoring system to telemetrically transmit data to the research centre on real time basis, every 15 minut

The government is planning to spend . 100 crore for promoting inland fisheries and aquaculture in the country.

Researchers have discovered a new species of badid fish ‘Dario urops' from the Barapole tributary of the Valapattanam river in the Western Ghats.

A research team consisting of Ralf Britz from the Natural History Museum, London; Anvar Ali from the Conservation Research Group at St. Albert's College, Kochi; and Siby Philip from the University of Porto, Portugal; found the species from an unnamed steam which connects the Barapole tributary in southern Karnataka.

PANJIM: The National Fish-workers Forum has hit out against diesel subsidies being given to large fishing vessels such as bottom trawling vessels, saying that a subsidy meant for the traditional co

Scientists are trying to find out why 119 bottlenose dolphins became stranded and died along the Texas coast in recent months, looking at possibilities ranging from algae blooms to oil pollution.

SHILLONG: To control the spread of malaria the State Government proposes to introduce larvivorous fishes popularly known as ‘mosquito fishes’ in a big way. Meghalaya continues to have high incidence of malaria especially in Garo Hills and parts of Khasi Jaintia Hills.

“We will conduct a detailed study on the efficacy of larvivorous fishes to control the spread of malaria since these fish feed on mosquito larvae. If this option proves effective in controlling the spread of malaria then it would provide the Government with an alternative to control the disease,

Not only is the mackerel size getting smaller but trawlers are catching mackerel with eggs which means there is no chance for them to reproduce. Rejuvenation of fish is not happening as trawlers fish even during the breeding season.”

In the southern states, large quantities of juveniles fishes are being caught and discarded since they have no commercial value. The economic loss of the juvenile fish by a single trawler in Kerala coast has been estimated at `28 lakhs.

The earth's environmental systems "are being pushed towards their biophysical limits", the United Nations Environment Program says.