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PARADIP: Hundreds of fishermen staged a demonstration in front of the oil refinery project of IOCL on Monday demanding removal of encroachments over the Atharbanki Haldiapani river.

With rain comes mosquitoes. So, three days into the monsoon’s onset in the capital, the Delhi Zoo has started an anti-malaria campaign to prevent mosquito menace affecting its animals.

Laos is not pushing ahead with the construction of a controversial $3.5 billion hydropower dam on the Mekong River in defiance of an agreement with neighboring countries, official media reported on

Steady increase in extent of fish tanks as well as quantum of inland fishing. More and more farmers in East Godavari district are shifting to aquaculture if the steady increase in the extent of fish tanks as well as the quantum of inland fishing in the district is any indication.

Similarly, the fluctuations in the catch from the sea is giving strength to the argument that industrialisation along the coast is resulting in extinction of fish and other species and posing a threat to the livelihood of traditional fishermen.

The environmental movement is based on the idea that people do not want something bad in their vicinity: not in my backyard, or Nimby

The environmental movement is based on the idea that people do not want something bad in their vicinity: not in my backyard, or Nimby. This concept has driven change across the world and continues to be the reason why projects, from shale gas exploration in the US to wind power in the UK, face protests. Ordinary people, but with power because they are part of the voting middle class, take up these issues because their lives are affected.

BURDWAN, 6 JULY: At a time when the expert committee set up by the environment department has just released a draft policy on wetlands prohibiting filling up of water bodies, allegations of Burdwan

South Korea's proposal to resume whaling for scientific research has angered other Asian countries and conservationists who said the practice would skirt a global ban on whale hunting.

LUCKNOW: Adopting agriculture diversity is the demand of time in order to boost agriculture production in the state and for this all departments associated with agriculture production will have to

Flow of the river is its master variable which affects many other variables like water quality, sedimentation, biodiversity,
etc. Dams profoundly affect this natural flow. Unfortunately, in India there are very few studies which systematically
analyse impacts of a dam on a river and its biodiversity in the pre and post dam situation. This is especially true for dams
built in 1960s, 70s and 80s. We have limited database and nearly no biodiversity studies of river richness prior to and after

The Monitoring Report 2012 indicates that Bangladesh is becoming a more food secure, better nourished and healthier country. However, progress has been uneven. Food is more readily available in the country, but many people still need to access it in adequate quantity,quality, diversity and regularity.