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01 Feb 2013

For growing economies the stress has to be on patterns of natural resource use and not on the status of natural resources; that is, dealing with the causes rather than the symptoms of the problem of climate change. The time has come for rapidly growing Asia to distinguish between the global, regional and national aspects of climate policy, recognize the linkages and shape the deliberations for the new climate regime by taking substantive measures at home.

Apart from launching a joint initiative in agriculture for an

This article empirically demonstrates that the European and US globalisation and capitalism in agriculture, food and the agro-industry since the mid-20th century have been supported and powered by subsidies (which at present is 50 per cent of the value of agricultural production in Europe and the US) and technological advances in the cultivation of

The food crisis at the end of the last decade and the resulting food riots that occurred in cities all over the world exposed the vulnerability and fragility of the current global food system and highlighted the increasing problem of urban food security. Urban households were among the hardest hit by the food and economic crises as they saw their purchasing power decline drastically.

NEW DELH: Predicting a severe impact on food security following the hike in fuel prices and expressing concern over the all-round slide in India's agriculture and rural economy, a national convention on Thursday demanded a series of measures to counter it.

Food security requires comprehensive planning

UK fund managers are selling investments in jatropha plantations as a wallet-swelling, planet-saving financial bonanza. But the reality for poor farmers is very different.

Billed as wonder crop, the establishment of jatropha plantations on the ground in Tanzania has been far from successful, or, in some cases, ethical: a report.

DAVOS: India on Wednesday decried attempts to divert food grains for bio-fuels.

The American food system rests on an unstable foundation of massive fossil fuel inputs. It must be reinvented in the face of declining fuel stocks. The new food system will use less energy, and the energy it uses will come from renewable sources. The seeds of the new food system have already been planted. America's farmers have been reducing their energy use for decades.