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Traditional farming was the buzzword at a meeting titled

The karez system could solve the country's water problems

Expert panel moots course correction without hurting the farmer

Government mulls options as drought takes its toll on seasonal crops

The recommended grain policy may help tackle the problem of plenty, but food insecurity will remain
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EU plans to give more weightage to environmental and public safety norms by amending agricultural policy

The two recently published private research efforts at decoding the rice genome do contribute to the International Rice Genome Sequencing Project, but do not detract from the significance of the yet to be completed international effort

Largest groundnut cultivation
5,000 traditional water tanks
104 farmer suicides during 2000 02

Sal forest worth: Rs 30,000 crore
85% population dependent on forest
65% people below poverty line

Once rich in forest and grazing land
Now known as 20th century desert
68% population marginal and unemployed