It may disregard its massive carbon emissions and try to explain away the greenhouse effect. But when it comes to defence equipment, the us is choosing to play it environmentally safe. The

A voyage into space for a three dimensional monitoring of the polluted environment

Rockers strike an ecofriendly chord

australia has rejected a proposal to introduce carbon tax for curbing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The proposal was made by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Develop

Pollution killing atmosphere s self cleansing mechanism

in a one-of-a-kind workshop, the Canadian government is teaching citizens ways to reduce greenhouse gas ( ghg ) emissions. Participants at the workshop were taught how to reduce emissions

Germany s new ecological tax reforms are ridden with flaws

The nastiest greenhouse gas in the world meets its match

The US Senate has refused to ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, possibly under the influence of the od-automobile industry. But a majority of US citizens favour

Forests of Europe soak up as much as 280 million tonnes of carbon on annually