We all take multivitamins to provide our body with additional nutrients other than the meager quantity we get from our adulterated foods.

39 leptospirosis cases; Pathanamthitta to observe ‘dry day’ on June 2 and 3

‘No ready vaccine available in the market till date’

Sydney was blanketed in a smoky haze on Tuesday morning, after weekend hazard reduction burns left parts of the city with air quality so poor it was more than twice the hazardous level, and more th

Maputo — The Mozambican government intends to eliminate the use of Mercury in industry, artisanal mining and other sectors of activity by 2020, to protect human health from the effects of this high

Exposure to second-hand smoke remains a major concern in India even though there has been a reduction in such exposure at home and public places since 2009-10, as per the Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2 (GATS 2), released by the Health Ministry. However, exposure to second-hand smoke at healthcare facilities has increased in this period.

Social media stars might be encouraging children to eat more unhealthy foods, new research suggests.

JAIPUR: Acute encephalitis cases will be on the radar in the state as Nipah infection can cause complications from acute respiratory syndrome to fatal encephalitis.

Reduction in sperm count, egg quality more among people in urban areas than in rural areas.

The nipah virus outbreak in Kerala has prompted India's health research agency to propose reduction of the delays posed by the standard regulatory requirements for clinical trials and rapid deploym