There are strong indications that the cleanup of over 2,500 contaminated sites in Nigeria's oil producing areas would cost the federal government and other stakeholders over $50 billion.

The National Green Tribunal on Tuesday said that it was shocked to know that the Haryana Bhawan is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and is a health hazard to Delhiites.

The U.S.

NOIDA: A 65-year-old man has been diagnosed with swine flu, making it the third confirmed case of the disease in Gautam Budh Nagar this season.

NEW DELHI: South Delhi Municipal Corporation held a special house meeting on Tuesday to discuss the action plan for prevention of vector-borne diseases.

Most large urban areas tend to have only one air quality monitor for every 100 to 200 square miles.

Ahmedabad: Even as lack of drives for preventive measures or awareness activities in the wake of three Zika virus detections in Ahmedabad exists, three mathematicians from Gujarat University and LD

AHMEDABAD: Just two days before the World Health Organization first informed of three Zika cases in the city on May 26, it had put the entire country in risk category 2, the same category as that o

NEW DELHI: Cases of dengue continue to increase in spite of high temperature.

AHMEDABAD/ SURAT/ VADODARA: Since January the presence of the deadly Zika virus in Ahmedabad first came to light, massive health surveys were undertaken in the city.