MUMBAI: A dengue-positive patient here is more likely to be a male in the 21-40 age group with fever that lasts between one and three days.

Patients rush to private hospitals outside J&K

BARASAT: Three dengue deaths were reported from the city's northern suburbs on Tuesday and Wednesday, taking the dengue-related deaths in North 24 Paraganas to 30 in the past three months.

Gap between TB incidence and notifications is very large in India; rising numbers probably indicate better reporting rather than higher incidence of disease

Jammu and Kashmir High Court (HC) Tuesday disposed of the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed on Tosa Maidan after it received the compliance report from State government.

KOLKATA: Dengue claimed two more lives in the Belgharia-Kamarhati area on the northern fringes of the city since Monday night.

PUNE: A new dengue virus has been confirmed for the first time in the country.

In its most recent Model List of Essential Medicines, WHO adopted a new classification for antibiotics.

AHMEDABAD: Even as the temperatures have begun to fall, more than 1,000 cases of vector-borne infections in October were reported in Ahmedabad, says the data provided by Ahmedabad Municipal Corpora