Wayanad, which has been in the news for the high number of farmer suicides, is also known for widespread homestead farming. A typical home garden integrates trees with field crops, livestock, poultry and fish. Home gardens form a dominant and promising land use system and maintain high levels of productivity, stability and sustainability, say A V Santhoshkumar and Kaoru Ichikawa.

Now days due to economic security, paddy-wheat rotation is prevalent in Punjab. This crop rotation has directly or indirectly caused a lot of ecological, economic and health problems. According to Indian Council of Medical Research, a healthy person should consume 300g vegetables, 40g pulses and negligible quanity of fruits per person per day.

Plants can be much more than a pretty backdrop to life. Read this and you'll never look at a garden in the same way again...

The municipality of Contagem in the State of Minas Gerais, despite being known as an industrial centre, has an enormous potential to develop urban agriculture. The current administration recognises this, and supports the development of agriculture as an important strategy for consolidating its Municipal Food and Nutritional Security Policy.

Tired of stepping out for veggies and fruits? Well, then maybe you should consider soil-less cultivation. It isn

Bamboos are the important component in the traditional land use systems of Barak Valley. The traditional practice of village bamboo management in the homegarden system was studied in the Cachar district of Barak Valley, Assam. Utilization of village bamboos for fulfilling basic rural necessitate supports the maintenance of village bamboo diversity.

Though the green revolution enabled India to attain food security, the technologies, subsidies and public support systems failed to address the problems of small-scale dryland agriculture. Diversified farming, being more economically and ecologically resilient, can reduce risk.

Diversity is being lost rapidly both in nature and culture,
including agriculture. But, all is not lost yet. Realising the benefits and also as a reliable option in fragile ecosystems, communities are still nurturing diversity. This article highlights issues, available and potential options as well as barriers.

Small land holders can be self sustainable. This was proved by Shri. Santu, a small farmer in Gorakhpur, who started making a decent living from farming by increasing the diversity on the farms and integrating one into another.

The Annam festival held in the last week of December 2008, in Thiruvananthapuram is the first event of its kind. It is a brave attempt to bring focus to the growing concern over the present food habits in Kerala and the deleterious effects they are having on public health.