May 14 Mexico's government is drawing up a land reform to strengthen the rights of private companies dealing with rural landholders in a bid to lure investment and lift the economy, according to tw

A quick look at what the Aam Aadmi Party has promised in its manifesto for a clean and green Delhi.

Himachal Pradesh has the reputation of being stable, inclusive, cohesive and well-governed and it stands apart in many respects from its neighbors in northern India. It has additionally, achieved remarkable growth, especially in the last two decades, which has been accompanied by very good human development outcomes.

2015 is the International Year of Soils. This Soil Atlas shows what can succeed and why the soil should concern us all.

Widening the ambit of exemption, the West Bengal government passed the Land Reforms (Amendment) Bill, 2014 relaxing the cap on private land holding.

Delhi’s ponds could soon get a new lease of life — in the form of pisciculture. The Delhi government has identified 24 water bodies for fish breeding and rearing.

An Act to conserve the paddy land and wetland and to restrict the conversion or reclamation thereof in order to promote growth in the agricultural sector in the state of Manipur.

This will entitle cultivators to higher MSP for their crops

In an effort to take back the unutilised land from the industrial houses, real estate developers, educational institutions, places of worship, the state government is proposing an amendment to Sect

The government needs to frame a policy on issuing no-objection certificates to plantations exceeding a specific area, the forest department committee that probed the Nelliampathy estate row has rec