It is dangerous and expensive to reclaim munition sites (dumping sites for disused ammunition). However, John Huges of George R Brown University in Houston, Texas, us, has unveiled the potential of

A foodstuff industry fungus finds a new job: cleaning up ash from municipal waste

that Asia is being used as a dumping ground for the developed world's rubbish has been brought to the fore yet again. A us 200-tonne shipment of waste has wound its way to the port of Hong

Disturbed by the increasing tendency of some industrialised nations to dump their hazardous waste on its shores, China has strengthened its anti- dumping laws. The new law, aimed at

Golfers and green activists have struck upon the novel idea of turning rubbish dumps into golf courses. In land-starved Hong Kong, concerned authorities are eager to redevelop four of its 13 old

THE Mexican government is outraged by us authorities' attempts to dump nuclear and toxic wastes in the predominantly Hispanic Texan town of Sierra Blanca. It has accused the us government of

Waste has become a global problem, and is demanding curative technologies that require almost preternatural efficiency to execute. And that keep collapsing nevertheless.

Every country should have, the right to protect its people and environment from the negative actions of foreign countries. Based on this basic principle, the German Minister, Klaus Topfer was right

This week on Urban Reality, we focus on Delhi mounting garbage problem. How can Delhi tackle this mess? We speak to Additional Solicitor General Of India Pinky Anand, Chitra Mukherjee of Chintan & Swati Sambyal of CSE

Public Forum : Drowning In Garbage