The European Commission has released this Communication, summarizing a process of reflection on the future of transport in Europe.

This paper analyses the link between human capital and regional economic growth in the European Union. Using different indicate the importance of effective and efficient mobility in large cities is becoming essential for planners and citizens due to its

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function open_walkability() {"dte_slideshow/20090430_walkability/walkability.htm","","height=600,width=600,scrollbar=yes"); newwd.moveTo(200,75); } Automobiles overwhelm Indian urban space

Also means a healthy social lifestyle We think of the car as a magic carpet taking us where and when we want. But when we drive, society becomes an obstacle

Investing in urban cycling provisions is ultimate climate strategy European countries have committed to reduce carbon emissions by at least 20 per cent by 2020, compared to 1990. This includes my country: the Netherlands. The targeted reductions are realized at home or through

The political role of the small car is as important as its environmental impact. (Editorial)

This study on different facets of mobility in Bangalore covers major parts of BBMP limits and also deals with Travel Time Index, Congestion Index, Safety Index , Mobility & Accessibility Measures. It recommends strategies for a better integrated land use and transport system and discusses the roles of various stakeholders in promoting them.

An 82-km cycle track to connect residential areas of the Mumbai suburb, 52 km in the kitty Pravin Pandurang Mandavkar, 24, serves vada-pav in the Thane Municipal Corporation canteen. Everyday, he commutes from his house in Kharegaon, seven kilometres away, on his bicycle. The daily commute, he said, is cumbersome and unsafe given the heavy traffic on the seven-kilometre stretch

The traditional non-politics of Indian cities is confronted by rapid urbanization THERE are signs that urban India is discovering politics after a long interval. City after congested city is demanding funds for new, comfortable buses under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Municipal managers see a clear political advantage in pushing public transport, and no merkely