Did the Nobel Prize committee make a mistake when it gave the 2007 Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and former us vice president Al Gore?

A project meant to carve out a bus corridor and give pedestrians and cyclists designated space on a 16 km stretch of road in Delhi has resulted in outbursts of anger and acrimony by middle class car owners. Called the bus rapid transit system or the BRT, the roject is aimed at making it easier to move around in Delhi, where traffic is unruly.

India has added two more swanky symbols to bolster its first-world ambitions: the Rajiv Gandhi international airport in Hyderabad and the gleaming Bengaluru international airport in our software capital. But look beneath this glitzy fa

Even after concerted efforts made by central and state governments, housing shortage has assumed frightening proportions. It is estimated that there is a housing shortage of nearly 25 million dwelling units affecting 67 million households. Most of this housing shortage pertains to low income families.

Traffic conditions in most of the cities are very chaotic and crucial, this is particularly observed in million plus cities. As the urbanization process takes momentum, these problems crop up due to the lack of commensurate development of infrastructure, particularly roads, road transport and inadequate public transport system.

The uk's review of technologies and fuels for reducing carbon emissions by vehicles is complete. Chairperson of the review Julia King, while discussing the study in Mumbai recently, claimed that

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has a transport master plan that provides alternative scenarios for the City

The Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway has achieved the dubious distrinction of becoming one of the most controversial projects in the history of India's road infrastructure development. Initiated in 2001 as a first of its kind in India, the project was finally made operational after a delay of over two years.

Several cities are now implementing bus rapid transit system (BRTS) as a measure to reduce traffic congestion and cater to increasing populations. Jaipur is making a pioneering effort in this regard by developing a bus system to cover 138 km of road length with an investment of Rs 7.83 billion on an innovative public-private partnership model.

bangalore Municipal Corporation's road projects have hit a dead end due to non-availability of funds. The corporation had applied for Rs 7,536 crore for flyovers and grade-separator projects under