The first aptly-titled SolaRoad made its debut last November in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. The road itself is a unique foray in pollution-free solar energy.

Natural disasters due to weather extremes occur frequently, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. In the first decade of the 21st century, for example, 3000 natural disasters were reported worldwide due to flooding, heatwaves, drought, storms and cyclones. Climate change means that disasters such as these could occur more often.

Dutch scientists have constructed the world’s biggest man-made wave machine to find out if their country can cope with increasingly devastating floods.

A Dutch court on Wednesday said an environmental licence issued for a major new coal-fired plant built by RWE was granted properly, removing the last hurdle to operating the 3 billion euro ($3.36 b

The world's first ever smog-absorbing tower, designed to provide pockets of clean air in polluted cities, opened on Friday in the Netherlands.

The Dutch government will appeal against a district court ruling ordering it to cut emissions of greenhouse gases faster than currently planned, in a politically sensitive case that is being closel

It's no secret that the air of some of the world's most highly populated cities is thick with smog and harmful pollutants.

A Dutch district court has ordered the Netherlands to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 25% lower than 1990 levels by 2020.

The slow global response to the Ebola crisis in west Africa suggests that important gaps exist in donor financing for key global functions, such as support for health research and development for diseases of poverty and strengthening of outbreak preparedness. In this Health Policy, we use the International Development Statistics databases to quantify donor support for such functions.

Two European tax havens receive more than a quarter of all global foreign direct investment, ActionAid said on Tuesday, calling for an international deal to tackle tax avoidance and reduce poverty.