The toolkit has been prepared jointly by the Institute of Urban Transport (IUT) India, a team of researchers and consultants from premier institutions in India, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and UNEP DTU Partnership.The revision of the toolkit has been carried out under the advice of MoUD.

High iron railings on the central verge forcing the pedestrians to use the foot over-bridge (FOB), which is equipped with escalators on either side, seems to have made the FOB outside the Kashmere

This report looks at how biking and walking can be integrated with transit and the federal transit funds that can support projects and programs to increase accessibility among people who bike, walk, and take transit.

The BRT Standard is an evaluation tool for world-class bus rapid transit (BRT) based on international best practices.

The Himachal Pradesh High Court has asked the State government whether Shimla still retains the tag of a pedestrian city where the walkers have the right to walk freely.

With Delhi being ranked the most polluted and populous city in the world by international organizations, urban planning experts say there is a need to promote sustainable public transport in the ca

The NCP and civic activists have opposed the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) plan to establish hawkers’ zones on cycle track and footpaths on Prabhat Road, Model Colony and University Road.

You don't need to be elderly to twist your ankle on the cratered pavements of Mumbai.
The young are just as likely to trip and break a bone if they don't watch their step at all times.

The city roads have pushed pedestrians, cyclists and even public transport users to the edge. Anybody not in a car has to constantly battle to get by without a scratch on certain roads.

LUCKNOW: About 16 people die and 58 are injured every hour in India due to road accidents - the death rate, in fact, is equivalent to wiping out about 40 per cent of the population of a small natio