At a time when USA is banning MTBE , Indian public sector companies, with the blessings of the petroleum ministry babus, are promoting its use

In-depth Life Cycle Analysis of the environmental performance of major players in the Indian automobile sector. Also analyses technological issues, comaprative analysis of best practices with global players and recommends future outlook.

Under pressure from the industry, the Australian government relaxes petrol and diesel emission standards

A flourishing racket of petrol, diesel and mobile oil adulteration is going on in Delhi, according to reports in the media. According to police sources, most of petrol adulteration is either done

Many cities of the world reel under severe lead pollution as they continue using heavily leaded petrol. The case for the phasing out of lead is stronger than ever before

Sri Lanka is set to curb atmospheric lead pollution by introducing lead free petrol for its cars

UNLEADED petrol is being touted as a green fuel. But it does more harm than good if vehicles using it do not have catalytic converters to render the exhaust gases safe, according to Roger Perry,

INDIA'S interest in petroleum has grown rapidly. Understandably so, because the investments made are large and the returns fair, and could be even more attractive if we priced it properly. But,

FEARS that oil demand would decline because of a US-proposed energy tax have been expressed by delegates at a meeting of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The Clinton

Britain and USA have followed hard on the heels of the German eco angel, but, unfortunately, most such schemes continue to remain "green froth".