The Himachal Pradesh government is gearing up to commission a detailed study by scientific experts on the impact of plantation in the state

The Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers

Agriculture is an area where new technologies are often applied to improve the yield of crops. Nano agriculture involves the involvement of nanoparticles in agriculture with the ambition that these particles will impart some beneficial effect to the crops.

From bust to boom to bust again: artemisinin, the key ingredient of front-line antimalarial drugs, is entering the third chapter of its turbulent history. A decade ago, the compound available only from the sweet wormwood plant Artemisia annua

The booklet discusses in detail and in simple language agricultural biotechnology as it compares with conventional breeding, the agricultural biotechnology tools used in crops such as tissue culture and micropropagation, molecular breeding and marker-assisted selection, and genetic engineering and GM crops.

Plant breeders are turning their attention to roots to increase yields without causing environmental damage. Virginia Gewin unearths some promising subterranean strategies.

If any crop needs an evolutionary boost, it's rice. Nearly half of humanity relies on the stuff, and yields must increase more than 50 per cent by 2050 to feed growing demand, so the discovery of a gene mutation that can bump up yields by a full 10 per cent is exciting news.

The genetic controls of leaf shape could allow us to boost crop yields, meet the challenge of feeding the world and adapt to climate change.

NAGAON, March 25: The Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell, AAU in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Nagaon and Regional Agriculture Research Station (RARS), Shillongani, organized a day-long training-cum-awareness progamme on

Among the abiotic stresses, drought is a serious limiting factor that reduces rice production and yield stability in rainfed ecosystems. Conventional breeding for drought resistance is slow in attaining progress due to poor understanding of genetic control of drought resistance.