Has the Som distillery really restricted its operations as per government orders? Apparently not, as a DTE team finds out

The Betwa is not only Vidisha s present, but its past as well

The movement had several curious fallouts. Satya Narain Sharma, the minister for housing and environment, was relieved of the environment portfolio without much fanfare. As minister, he had staunchly

Anticipating a repetition of the devastation of its East Coast fishing over the recent years, Canada said in late March that it would reduce West Coast salmon fishing by half, as the industry

The mine owners responsible for the cyanide leak in Guyana (see Down To Earth, Vol 4, No 9) are now making a hectic bid to prove to the world that the calamity in the Omai'mine was an

More than 325 mil- lion gallons of deadly cyanide waste spilled recent- ly into the Essequibo, central Guyana's biggest river, killing thousands of fish and forcing the government to adopt emergency

Most candidates for the Bhopal North constituency are ready to overlook the fate of victims of the world's worst industrial disaster.

Several colony specific environmental problems surfaced during the election campaign in Delhi and that's where they remained.

The pollution of Betwa river figured prominently in the election campaign in two constituencies in Madhya Pradesh, but was ignored in the worst hit villages.

Karnataka environmentalists have alleged that the state's pollution control board has not dealt firmly with highly polluting industries.