Health officials have welcomed a proposal by the World Health Organisation to regulate advertising promotions of food and drinks rich in sugar, salt and fats that target children so as to protect y

For years, wood and charcoal were the most common source of energy for cooking, but it requires cutting down trees which causes deforestation.

Rwanda will today launch the Fund for Environment and Climate Change (Fonerwa), a groundbreaking initiative and the biggest of its kind in Africa.

KIGALI - Rwanda has received 460 million euros ($592.20 million) from the European Union to improve power generation and agriculture, in a country that heavily relies on donors to fund its developm

Two decades ago, the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda led to the deaths of 1 million people, and the displacement of millions more. Injury and trauma were followed by the eff ects of a devastated health system and economy. In the years that followed, a new course set by a new government set into motion equity-oriented national policies focusing on social cohesion and people-centred development. Premature mortality rates have fallen precipitously in recent years, and life expectancy has doubled since the mid-1990s.

THE need for governments globally to ensure that mothers and babies, especially those in the rural communities, get the quality healthcare they need to survive, has become a source of concern to th

With the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expiring in 2015, the world awaits a new, ambitious framework for improving lives. This framework must pass the vital test of reducing inequalities, especially gender-related ones, as a critical step towards the improvement of women's health. Measurably improving women's health throughout the life course will contribute to other post-2015 goals. Conversely, women's social empowerment through education, participation in the labor market, and political representation will improve health.

Niger has made the greatest strides worldwide in reducing child mortality, a new study by Save the Children suggests.

The World Bank has given final approval for a $340-million financing package for a crucial hydroelectric power plant in Africa’s Great Lakes region, which is long delayed by ethnic conflict.

As a national development model that simultaneously pursues socio-economic progress and environmental conservation, the Green Growth concept is being tested in countries around the world through context-specific policies and projects.