Maldives hosted a high-level climate change summit focusing on

In 1994, thousands of people from the Tutsi community were slaughtered by their Hutu neighbours across Rwanda. Nine years later the killers came home from prison to live side by side again with their victims. The complexities of this homecoming are explored in director Anne Aghion

Zimbabwe's once promising coffee industry faces total collapse due to upheavals linked to President Robert Mugabe's controversial land redistribution policy, a farmers union said on Wednesday.

The coffee industry was growing steadily until 2000, when Mugabe embarked on a drive to resettle landless but inexperienced black farmers on white-owned commercial farms.

One of the first volumes of what was then known as the ILEIA Newsletter described how farmers in Rwanda were working with new ideas and approaches to rice production, including some used by Asian farmers. Michael Loevinsohn showed how farmers, through their experimentation, had managed to cultivate rice at altitudes well above normal levels.

A vaccine that protects babies against fatal bacterial infections was introduced in Rwanda last week, its first distribution in a third world country.

The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine has been sold under the Prevnar brand name in the United States since 2000, and Rwanda will get three million doses

mauritius Outsourcing agriculture Soaring food prices and lack of land have forced Mauritius, a food-importing country, to launch an ambitious initiative. The island nation is growing its food in other African countries where land remains fallow and labour cheap.

A documentary exposing the limits of the work of the International Tribunal for Rwanda has been feted at the 19th Marseille International Documentary Festival. D

A recent study has found that substandard anti-malarial drugs are being distributed in six African countries

A Catholic radio station In Rwanda has come under national scrutiny for allegedly giving scant coverage to commemorations of the genocide in the country last year. A report by the state-funded

>> Virgin Airlines owner Richard Branson recently claimed to have made history by launching the first biofuel-powered commercial flight from London to Amsterdam. The debatable point is