A report recently released by the United Nations' Food and Agri

With about 300 sq km almost stripped bare of forest cover, Africa's first national park battles for survival

Civil war in Rwanda has claimed 500,000 lives, but it has spared 60 rare gorillas in the Virunga mountains, a big draw for tourists in the past 15 years. A recent census has accounted for all but 2

A rush to extract methane from the depths of Africa's Lake Kivu could trigger a huge upwelling of suffocating gas, potentially affecting over 2 million people.

Africa's Lake Kivu contains vast quantities of gas, which makes it both dangerous and valuable. Anjali Nayar asks whether it is possible to tap the gas without causing a disaster.

Wildlife experts said that the volcano, which had erupted in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is not likely to dire

The Nyungwe forest of Rwanda is being destroyed due to human activities. The forest along Rwanda's southeastern dis

The World Bank plans to sow "Seeds of Hope" in war-ravaged Rwanda. The Bank wants to launch this initiative to restore agriculture in this impoverished African nation. Rwanda was virtually