The Director of Science at Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), Dr. Fredros Okumu, has been selected by philanthropies as international research scholar.

In the Tibetan Plateau, climate change is increasing the carbon concentrations within the upper layers of permafrost soils, a study has shown.

A group of scientists have developed an innovative tool to detect and quantify severity of drought and floods in the country.

A new, more precise way to measure the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on Earth`s climate in an article was published on Thursday in the academic journal Science.

DEHRADUN: A number of ecologically conscious residents in the city are now taking up healthier alternatives to plastic like edible spoons made of millets and tableware made out of sugarcane waste.

Poor lab capability, surveillance and lack of sanitation are enabling the spread of a typhoid strain that is resistant to drugs, a researcher has warned.

This time last year, scientists announced the discovery of a reef system at the mouth of the Amazon River — and right from the beginning, they began issuing warnings about companies’ plans to drill

An artificial form of photosynthesis that sucks carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has been invented by a scientist who claims the “breakthrough” device could be used to reduce global warming.

Paris - Antarctic meltwater lakes are far more common than once thought and could destabilise glaciers, potentially lifting sea levels by metres as global warming sets in, scientists said on Wednes

Graphene has been used to turn seawater into clean drinking water.