Reminiscences from a visit to Alang about 10 years back

The shipbreakers of Alang are an exasperated lot. "As it is we are crippled by excise duty and competition. Then these Greenpeace activists make business tough for us. Shipbreaking falls under 32 government departments. How are we supposed to operate,' says R K Jain, operator of a ship breaking plot and an ancillary steel rolling mill in Alang.

Le Clemenceau is undoubtedly big. It has dominated more than its fair share of media space. But it does deserve it. Not because of its scale or the fact that it is carrying asbestos, whether in its cargo or its structure.

By the time you read this, the decision would have been taken: to allow or not to allow the French warship Le Clemenceau into India, so that it can be dismantled with unknown quantities of toxic

The Taiwanese government has announced that it will dismantle 120 tuna longline vessels, about five per cent of its fleet. Environmentalists praised this reduction as a boon for marine animals

Emissions of the shipping sector are extremely high

India to restrict movement of old cargo ships

Worldwide protests mark unsafe nuclear shipment s return journey from Japan to UK

Andhra Pradesh is in choppy waters over a proposed ship breaking yard at Vodarevu

the us department of justice has ordered a shipping company to pay compen-sation for an oil spill, which killed millions of lobsters and other wildlife of the Block Island Sound, near Rhode