The Supreme Court has stayed a project of the Uttaranchal government to build

Sundarbans in the Indian state of West Bengal is the estuarine phase of the Ganga as well as of the Brahmaputra river systems. This littoral forest is the only ecological habitat of the tiger of its kind not only in India but also in the world, except in Bangladesh.

Project Tiger has been the first major conservation scheme in India. It has gone through phases of vex and vane. All eyes are set on the fate of charismatic tiger. Every possible effort is being made to save the tiger in spite of various odds. Ironically, demand for tiger parts and products outside India is causing a death blow to tigers in India. Decreasing number of tigers outside India is further accentuating pressure on tigers in India. The project tiger status report has been prepared for the first time to put facts and figures before all concerned.

the Union government has declared the Nameri national park in the Sonitpur district of Assam as a tiger reserve. According to S P Bashishth, district forest officer, Nameri will be the third

the only tiger safari park in north India, set up in Ludhiana in 1993 is facing paucity of funds. Officials are awaiting a grant of Rs 10 lakhs to meet expenses. "We are being able to provide

How does a civilisation relate to the environment? To find out, study its attitude towards large carnivores. Europeans have tried to dominate nature. In the process, they have exterminated several large carnivores like the wolf. But communities in India

the century's last census of the Indian tiger has begun, beginning with the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Armed with

Everyone knows of the tiger s endangered status, but the government seems unwilling to face the reality. So far, it has tried to resolve the issue through conferences and meetings, but there has been no concrete action

palamu Tiger Reserve in the Daltanganj district of Bihar has lately become haven for smugglers trading in precious teak ( sagwan ) trees. On an average, trees worth Rs 30 lakh are felled

How do you destroy a forest? Cover it under Project Tiger and alienate the local people. An example from Bihar