NEW DELHI: The Union Budget 2009-10 was hailed by Congress leaders in Delhi on Monday as a development-oriented and pro-poor budget which would take the country forward.

MUMBAI: The civic standing committee on Monday rejected six proposals dealing with development of roads worth almost Rs 200 crore. Corporators cutting across party lines levelled corruption charges against the roads department of the civic agency.

The Tree Court of Mysore on Monday put brakes to the proposed road widening work by Mysore City Corporation which involved cutting of a total of 209 trees at two places in the City, by rejecting the proposals submitted in this regard.

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DHAKA Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWSA) has earned a notoriety for claiming the largest share of road digging, and as if that was not enough, for supplying undrinkable water that even stinks in a large swathe of the metropolis. These sending livability index of Dhaka life further down, the denizens have had a plenty of reasons to feel hard done by.

End to indiscriminate digging of Dhaka's streets is in sight now as the new government yesterday launched a 'no-dig' pipeline-setting scheme involving a cost of Tk 1465 crore for water supply in the capital using a most modern technology.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), as a preventive measure for monsoon, has started the daunting task of filling up the potholes using the jet-patching machine. As a pilot project, the civic body has so far filled up a total stretch of 1100 square metres across the city. The work began last month.

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