An ambitious masterplan to tackle Bombay's perennial water-logging problem during its ferocious monsoons will use an innovative, sub-surface "no dig" technology. The new system, part of a Rs

THERE is something very beautiful about lakes -- not just aesthetically, but also intellectually. Lakes do not just mirror their environment. They also mirror the society around them. Clean water

Pakistan, a signatory to seven international conventions on the environment, needs to urgently develop and implement a biodiversity action plan to conserve its depleting plant and animal species, many of which have already been wiped out.

This book claims to be a must-read for civil engineers, oil scientists and those involved with agro-forestry and ecology. It offers an insight into bio-drainage as a technique to deal with ground

Assam s evicted encroachers show legal proof of residence

Scientists have evolved a subsurface drainage system that makes saline soils arable within three years