As we all know, junk food is defined as food with empty calories — it provides fat, sugar and salt, without nutrition. But how bad is it? This is what CSE's laboratory checked recently. The results were both predictable and alarming.


This major publication on best practice in nutrition tackles the wide-ranging issues like- stunting, food insecurity, hidden hunger, obesity and puts the topic of nutrition security on the agenda of policy-makers, academics, private sector organizations and the civil society.

This new Springer publication describes and analyses multiple dimensions of urbanization, focusing on how the processes affect patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem services within as well as outside city boundaries.

Contesting the Indian City features a collection of cutting-edge empirical studies that offer insights into issues of politics, equity, and space relating to urban development in modern India. Features studies that serve to deepen our theoretical understandings of the changes that Indian cities are experiencing. Examines how urban redevelopment policy and planning, and reforms of urban politics and real estate markets, are shaping urban spatial change in India

This book focuses on the food security in India, arguing that the challenges India faces have particular significance worldwide. It says that India’s chronic food security problem is a function of a distinctive interaction of economic, political and environmental processes. It says that a well-rounded appreciation of the problem is required, informed by the FAO’s conception of food security as encompassing availability (production), access (distribution) and utilisation (nutritional content), as well as by Amartya Sen’s notions of entitlements and capabilities.

This critical review of India's Integrated energy policy published by Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace focuses on electricity demand in the country & provides an action plan for a sustainable, people friendly & environment friendly power policy.

Anyone who has ever been sick—which I suppose includes everyone in the world—would have had firsthand experience of the callous ways of healthcare establishments. For the poor, healthcare is not available at most times.

• Provides a thorough review of the most prevalent food hazards in the most common food categories
• Summarizes the current scientific understanding of the most common biological hazards by food commodity
• Provides an overview of the current regulations related to food safety in the USA

In attempting to get quickly up to speed on the oil business for the purpose of participating in a few wells as a (very) small investor, I bought about ten books of various sorts. This is one of them, and has turned out to be the one I refer to the most.

First, let me say that there are two different types of books on drilling for oil/gas. Broadly, they are books that concentrate mainly on the financial and legal structure of oil deals and books that concentrate on where it is and how to get it out of the ground. This book is of the second sort.