Down To Earth and the Centre for Science and Environment announce the winner of the 2001 Green Scientist Award. In the exercise to rate the efforts of India's environmental scientists, the study shows some alarming facts. Firstly, that the Indian governme

Laboratory tests nail the Plantation Corporation of Kerala. The state government sets up an inquiry committee

Anil Agarwal delivers his acceptance speech for the Norman Borlaug Award 2001

This is not a crisis of CNG buses for Delhi but a crisis of governance

Even as the world abandons nuclear power, the Indian government and industry are pushing for it

Next time the Supreme Court gives an order it should add a rider: if the order isn t met, the government will have to pay a fine of Rs 10 lakh per day

The Global Environmental Negotiations (GEN) series provide information on environment-related treaties, negotiations and institutions. Poles Apart, the second in the series of books on the politics of global environmental governance (GEN). This book contains updates on the issues dealt within the first report, Green Politics . It contains new chapters on five conventions and institutions.

The Supreme of India ruled on July 28, 1998 that all eight-year-old-buses and pre-1990 three-wheelers and taxis would have to be converted to CNG by March 31,2000. For the rest of the buses, three-wheelers and taxis, the deadline was fixed as March 31, 3001. This order, however, is getting to be the most difficult to implement. Resistance from the diesel lobby and lack of support from the government are out to sabotage the Supreme Court orders to move the buses, auto and taxis to CNG.

This publication documents traditions, practices technologies and policies of water harvesting in the country. It also assesses state government efforts to deal with drought. The book has a clear message for the thirsty times ahead: Water must be made everybody's business.

This publication contains prominent articles collated from 200 issues of science and environment fortnightly, Down to Earth, from 1992 onwards.