There is a growing concern among policy makers about how electricity is generated and consumed in the context of energy security and global climate change.

The transition to a clean and green energy system is an economic and social transformation that is exciting as well as challenging.

There is a growing consensus that universalisation of modern energy services is central to reducing major elements of poverty and hunger, increasing literacy and education, and improving health care, employment opportunities, and lives of women and children.

In a recent work Nathan and Reddy have proposed a Multi-view Black-box (MVBB) framework for development of sustainable development indicators (SDIs) for an urban setup. The framework is flexible to be applied to any domain or sector of urban system. In this paper the proposed MVBB framework is applied for transportation sector of Mumbai city.

This article looks at the issue of climate change from a developing country perspective and develops an outline of a win-win-oriented climate policy around development priorities. It demonstrates how the great climate debate between the

This paper aims to analyse urban mobility patterns and consequent impacts on energy and environment in India. It investigate the quantity of energy use in 23 metropolitan regions for the period 1981