Doha: A report released on the eve of climate change talks in Doha has suggested that rich countries have largely cheated the developing nations of the $30 billion funds they had committed to trans

With global climate action faltering and big emitters turning their back on legally-binding terms to reduce emissions, Doha, the capital of the emirate of Qatar in the Arabian peninsula, is going t

Germany will provide 10.97 million euros (equivalent to Tk 111.37 crore) to Bangladesh as climate change fund for cyclone affected people in the coastal areas particularly in Barguna and Patuakhali

Germany, a key development partner of Bangladesh, will provide 10.98 million euros or Tk 111.37 crore to the government to help the country fight the impacts of climate change, officials said yeste

This report explores the crucial question of how to bridge the divide between increasing sources of adaptation finance, most of which currently exist at international or national levels, and local communities at the grassroots level that are facing the impacts of climate change.

Almost 50 of the world's poorest nations said pledges made by rich countries to provide funds to help them adapt to a warmer planet risk being overlooked as U.N.

Leaders of a fledgling U.N.

The fate of billions of dollars of promised funding from rich countries to help the developing world adapt to climate change will be discussed on Thursday in Geneva, at the first meeting of the UN'

Norway will fund a Rs 25-crore climate change research and adaptation project in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The fund is designed to help channel up to $100 billion a year in climate finance by 2020 to help developing countries adapt to climate change.