Banned in 1975, Shahtoosh shawl, made from the wool of endangered Tibetan antelope Chiru, has not lost its charm with a revival in its sale in the last decade, no matter how furtively.

Tibetan antelope chiruThe Shahtoosh trade was banned globally in 1975 under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) following a fall in the number of the antelopes.

The recent decision of the state government to allow hunting of blue bull, commonly known as nilgai, can spell disaster for the population of Asian antelope that is found only in northern India and Pakistan.

Monsoon is the breeding season for Thar Desert

India and China have deferred signing an agreement for joint research on Himalayan glaciers till October-end.
Union environment and forests minister Jairam Ramesh on Wednesday said a comprehensive accord will be drawn up when a Chinese delegation visits New Delhi.

Mumbai: In what may be an outcome of the diminishing forest cover in the city, a group of animal lovers last week rescued an injured four-horned antelope at a busy street of Ulhasnagar and brought it to the Bombay Society of Prevention against Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) for treatment.

The IUCN press release on conservation status of antelopes updated by Antelope Specialist Group (SSC/IUCN)as part of the Global Mammal Assessment. Twenty five of 91 antelope species, or about a quarter have been rated "endangered".

BARCELONA: Few people call it eco-friendly when a company like Royal Dutch Shell, to pump natural gas and make petroleum products, disturbs coral reefs and damages the habitats of rare desert truffles and vulnerable birds. But the energy giant may have found a way to turn local environmental losses into a plus for biodiversity - and its business.

With the death last week of a blackbuck, the species' population at the Karachi Zoological Gardens has been reduced from 28 to a mere three over five years, and there is little hope of any increase since the remaining females have no mates. The female blackbuck was discovered dead about a week ago. It was assumed that she died after colliding with the fence whilst running, since the animal had been healthy and no other reason was apparent, said a source. Zoo officials failed to respond to Dawn's inquiries about the real cause of death.

The number of antelopes is dwindling day by day in the district, thanks to nature's fury and the laxity of authorities. Hundreds of antelopes including Chinkara, Chousinga, Spotted Deer and Sambar were living in the islands of Godavari River including Narayanalanka, Addankivarilanka, Veedhivarilanka, Kedarulanka, Sathemmalanka and Nandapallilanka.

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