Underwater archaeology is revealing how ancient civilisations coped with rising seas, and while their methods were basic, they still have relevance today.

Whale sharks are a declining species for which little biological data is available. While these animals are protected in many parts of their range, they are fished legally and illegally in some countries. Baseline biological and ecological data are needed to allow the formulation of an effective conservation plan for whale sharks. It is not known, for example, whether the whale shark is represented by a single worldwide panmictic population or by numerous, reproductively isolated populations.

Coastal and marine ecosystems provide vitally important goods and services to countries in the Caribbean. This study looks at only three out of the many culturally and economically valuable services provided by these ecosystems in Belize. Even within this
narrowed scope, this study finds that the country

Is US roping in India on the sly to subvert Kyoto Protocol?

The Belize government has given a nod to the construction of the controversial Chalillo Dam. The massive hydroelectric dam in a jungle valley has invited the ire of environmentalists as it would

a large tract of central America's remaining rainforest is under threat from a road in the remote south of Belize. The construction of the road might lead to the clearing of the entire forest