Local people say way of life is under threat from industrial vessels, and see plan as chance to protect environment and repair relations with mainland

The United States ranks among the world's nations least likely to achieve the set of global goals aimed at ending poverty and combating climate change that are due to be adopted this month by the U

The researchers present a detailed chronological reconstruction of the 2011 eruption of Puyehue-Cordón Caulle volcano (Chile) based on information derived from newspapers, scientific reports and satellite images. Chronology of associated volcanic processes and their local and regional effects (i.e. precursory activity, tephra fallout, lahars, pyroclastic density currents, lava flows) are also presented. The eruption had a severe impact on the ecosystem and on various economic sectors, including aviation, tourism, agriculture, and fishing industry.

An earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale jolted 31km NNW of La Serena, Chile at 2015-08-23 23: 10:03 GMT on Sun (2015-08-24 07:10:03 Beijing Time), the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Argentina's capital Buenos Aires has been named as the most livable city in Latin America, according to the latest global survey.

Deadly storms in Chile have claimed a sixth victim and have led to evacuations in neighbouring Argentina, officials announced on 10 August.

Chile's salmon farmers are using record levels of antibiotics to treat a virulent and pervasive bacteria, driving away some U.S.

Ocean acidification (OA) and hypoxic events are an increasing worldwide problem, but the synergetic effects of these factors are seldom explored. However, this synergetic occurrence of stressors is prevalent. The coastline of Chile not only suffers from coastal hypoxia but the cold, oxygen-poor waters in upwelling events are also supersaturated in CO2, a study site to explore the combined effect of OA and hypoxia.

After several tsunami events with disastrous consequences around the world, coastal countries have realized the need to be prepared to minimize human mortality and damage to coastal infrastructures, livelihoods and resources. The international scientific community is striving to develop and validate methodologies for tsunami hazard and vulnerability and risk assessments. The vulnerability of coastal communities is usually assessed through the definition of sets of indicators based on previous literature and/or post-tsunami reports, as well as on the available data for the study site.

Chilean authorities declared an environmental emergency for the Santiago metropolitan region for Monday, forcing more than 900 industries to temporarily shut down and about 40 percent of the capita