The Commission for Investigation of the Abuse of Authority (CIAA) Thursday decided to ask the offices of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers to direct the secretary of the Ministry of Fores

The environment and forests minister, Hasan Mahmud, has urged the civil society to come forward to help the government cope with the adverse impacts of climate change.

The WHO has published a discussion paper on the linkages between health and biodiversity, climate change and desertification, the representation of health in the three Rio Conventions, and the opportunities for more integrated and effective policy.

Pastoralism is an ancient form of self-provisioning that is still in wide use today throughout the world. While many pastoral regions are the focus of current desertification studies, the long history of sustainability evidenced by these cultures is of great interest. Numerous studies suggesting a general trend of desertification intimate degradation is a recent phenomenon principally attributable to changes in land tenure, management and treatment.

Water is essential to life. The vocabulary of water percolates into daily conversations worldwide, whether in relation to personal or societal survival, the status and health of the global environment, or to water’s importance in other realms of sustainable development including food and energy security.


This new report released by the Ministry of Environment and Forests provides a holistic overview capturing comprehensively India's policies and programme related to desertification, land degradation & drought.

The award given by the Krishna water dispute tribunal, headed by Justice Brijesh Kumar, seems to have adverse implications on irrigation projects undertaken across Rayalaseema.

The state lost the right over utilisation of Krishna surplus, which will have severe implications on irrigation and drinking water purposes in the future.

The future of most ongoing projects is doubtful as water alloc

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Jaipur: Unregulated legal mining and rampant illegal mining in Rajasthan is systematically destroying forests, devastating the Aravallis, playing havoc with the environment and water resources of the state.

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On its western frontiers, a massive afforestation drive to battle the spread of the desert reveals fast-expanding efforts to combat climate change.

As Wang Youde stands perched atop a hill, a sea of sand is all he can see in every direction.