KATHMANDU: If things go as per the government’s plan, commuters will be able to ride on bigger and wider green or environment friendly electric vehicles from this year.

Electric carmaker Tesla Motors is opening up its technology patents for others to use in a bid to accelerate the development of zero-emissions vehicles across the globe.

Hyundai Motor Co. (005380)’s quick embrace of downsized engines, electric hybrids and other anti-pollution technology helped the company unseat Honda Motor Co.

Electric bicycles are China’s answer to the Prius because they’re green, they’re zippy and they’re cheap.

Nissan Motor Co.

Toyota said on Monday that it would allow a battery-supply deal with Tesla Motors to expire this year and would focus instead on building cars running on hydrogen fuel cells, a next-generation tech

Technology is enabling improvements in production and fuel efficiency, but also encouraging us to drive more sustainably and change the way we use and think about the car.

China established a non-profit organization on Monday to boost the electric vehicle (EV) industry with more cooperation in research, policy making and business management.

The product planning decisions of a small number of automotive companies have an immense influence on the environmental health of the United States and the world.

This report is the first to evaluate the response to fiscal incentives in 2013 to incentivize the purchase of plug-in electric vehicles in major vehicle markets around the world.