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During the launch of the campaign on Saturday afternoon Peace Taremwa, the former assistant Governor for Kampala Rotary Club noted that the ‘Mission Green’ is intended to have about 5million trees

Rabat – The Mediouna forest in western Tangier was the site of a widespread fire on Friday and Saturday, causing huge damage to the area.

Lilongwe — Malawi plans to spend about $385 million by 2030 to plant trees and restore other degraded land, in an effort to reverse rampant forest losses in the country, forestry officials said thi

A large patch of a mangrove forest with low-lying backwaters and rich mudflats on River Zuari banks in Adpai-Durbhat have been hacked for construction of a road and jetty in violation of the coasta

A thirty-year-old female refugee from the Central African Republic, Hawaou Hamadou makes a meal of stiff porridge on a clay stove fuelled by small briquettes.

LONDON – A broad gathering of key players in the environmental sector came together last week in London for an international conference on illegal logging.

The owner of Burger King has pledged to eliminate deforestation from its supply chains by 2030 but scientists say the company is not moving fast enough to stop its hamburgers from destroying rainfo

A study conducted by two wildlife researchers has indicated that 32 wildlife species are vulnerable to human-animal conflicts across the country.

KAMPALA - Cooks at a community kitchen in Kampala's Nakasero Hill business district are preparing a traditional breakfast of green bananas in offal sauce using a very untraditional means of cooking

Expanding aquaculture in South East Asia over the last two decades has been the main driver of mangrove loss in the world, says a study published in PLOS One this month (June).