The article explores the link between international economic integration and technological capability in colonial India. The example of the iron industry shows that many new ideas and skills flowed into India from Europe, but not all met with commercial success. The essay suggests a reason why.

In 1946, a team of India

Book>> False Economy: A Surprising Economic History of the World

In 1973, Leonardo Henrichsen turned his film camera on the soldier who was aiming at him and held it steady until he was shot to death. But the justice system never caught up with the killer of the Argentine journalist, murdered in Chile while he was filming a military uprising. Immediately after the incident, a coup d

The results of the study of archaeobotanical samples from Neolithic site, Jhusi, at the confluence of Yamuna and Ganga rivers in Allahabad, UP, are presented here and discussed in the light of information on prehistoric plants of subsistence in Ganga Plain during 7th millennium BC

environmental sciences Foster care The large blue butterfly, Maculinea arion, knows how to fool ants into raising their caterpillars. But when the ant, Myrmica sabuleti, disappear there survival is at stake, a study has shown. The butterfly lays eggs on thyme flowers and the caterpillars fall on the ground after hatching. Thanks to a chemical caterpillars secrete, ants mistake them for

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Bidi is a leaf-rolled cigarette made of coarse, uncured tobacco, tied with a string at one end. Bidis (beedis or biris) dominate the smoking market of India

When it was introduced in Europe, people associated the potato with disease In 1769, the wheat crop failed in France. Bread, the French staple, disappeared from boulangerie shelves. There was rioting in the streets of Paris and hordes of undernourished people looted bakeries. The French monarchy which had just scraped through the Seven Years

Ayurveda, according to Caraka, is knowledge which seeks to weigh life in the scales of wholesomeness and happiness against their opposites. Its main themes of health and disease, and recovery of health from disease take the stage against an inspiring background of intuitive philosophy, lofty idealism, and vivid compassion, which are the hallmarks of India