An annual fair in a cave is a rallying point for Gond tribals

Archaeologists have unearthed four pharaonic temples in the Sinai peninsula, including one of mud brick with fortified walls that served as an important religious center at the eastern gateway to ancient Egypt.

Jim Corbett is held in great esteem in India as a compassionate man who had exceptional environmental awareness. A closer look however shows that this image is misleading and that he was in fact a fully paid-up imperialist. The continuance of the Corbett myth is indicative of our failure to read his skilfully written books critically.

Human beings change landscapes and their culture is embodied by landscapes. It is generally assumed that African Americans have a negative impression of wildlands. This assumption is tested by the information about distribution of African American population and wildlands from all 67 counties of Alabama in USA.

Galileo upturned the Biblical theory of the universe On February 13, 1633, Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for trial before the Catholic Church

Simon Thorne

Archaeologists have long puzzled over the collapse of the mighty medieval Khmer kingdom in Southeast Asia best known for its resplendent capital, Angkor. New findings suggest that a decades-long drought at about the time the kingdom began fading away in the 14th century may have been a major culprit.

Book>> The Ascent of Money, A Financial History of the World

technology Mediaeval books dated by DNA testing Timothy Stinson from the North Carolina State University is using modern dna testing to trace the evolution of the book industry during the Middle Ages. Thousands of volumes, handwritten during the mediaeval period on parchments made of animal skin, still exist today. Scholars have long struggled to know the origin of these works. A

One winter in the early 18th century, it was so cold animals died in their barns, travellers froze to death, and even the Mediterranean iced over. It was Europe's coldest spell for the past 500 years.