The air quality in Hong Kong is expected to worsen later today after pollution readings hit "very high" and "high" in various areas, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) warned on Wednesda

Researchers from Britain, Canada and Hong Kong are conducting a three-dimensional study into air pollution and health. Photo: Sam Tsang

Tokyo remained fourth out of 40 major cities in an annual global city ranking released Thursday, trailing London, New York and Paris.

Hong Kong’s air pollution may today reach “serious” level, the worst rating, as light winds fail to disperse smog, the government said.

Hong Kong is seeking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions at least 50 percent by 2020 from 2005 levels, the city’s secretary for the environment said.

Typhoon Kalmaegi has swept past Hong Kong, closing schools and disrupting flights as strong winds pounded the territory.

The prevalence of diabetes in China has increased substantially over recent decades, with more than 100 million people estimated to be affected by the disease presently. During this period there has been an increase in the rates of obesity and a reduction in physical activity. Many of the changes in lifestyle and diet are a result of increased economic development and urbanisation. In addition to an increasingly westernised diet, the traditional Chinese diet also plays a part, with the quantity and quality of rice intake linked to the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Hong Kong closed 14 beaches in the New Territories after a sewage treatment plant was forced to discharge 95,000 cubic meters of household waste, enough to fill 38 Olympic-sized swimming pools, int

In 2013, more than 35,000 elephants across Africa were killed for their ivory, which is often carved and sold as ornaments, jewelry and other gift items.

Hong Kong’s air pollution reached the “serious” level today, the highest since June 14, as an approaching typhoon leads to smog, according to a government website.