The majority of the world’s major cities have disclosed that climate change presents a physical risk to the businesses operating in their cities. This real and current threat is driving local governments to take concrete action in response, so finds Protecting our Capital.

Cities from Sao Paulo to Hong Kong say climate change threatens their economies, and most are taking measures to protect business, according to a report today from the Carbon Disclosure Project.

China should establish emissions inventories for all major port cities as soon as possible to detail pollutants from ships and ports, experts have suggested.

A man takes a photograph standing in front of a structure covered with an image of the Hong Kong island skyline at the waterfront in the Tsim Sha Tsui area on Aug. 22, 2013.

Hong Kong on Thursday began destroying nearly 30 tonnes of ivory seized from smugglers, in the world's largest such operation that marks a significant step in combating the illegal trade in elephan

Typhoons, cyclones and hurricanes worldwide are shifting out of the tropics and more toward the poles and generally larger populations, likely because of global warming, a new study finds.

Rain doused Hong Kong yesterday, causing street flooding and prompting the weather bureau to raise a black storm warning, the second time the highest alert has been triggered this year.

China is set to beat its 2020 targets for nuclear power, the chairman of the country's top nuclear firm told Reuters, after getting back on track with projects that had been halted after Japan's Fu

Hong Kong’s Air Quality Health Index recorded ‘very high’ health risk at one of the three roadside-monitoring stations, according to data from the Environmental Protection Department.

A cull of 20,000 chickens was under way in Hong Kong today after the deadly H7N9 bird flu virus was found in poultry imported from mainland China, days before Lunar New Year.