Two City University students yesterday filed a judicial review application, asking a court to quash the Town Planning Board’s decision to allow residential development on a former green-belt site i

Drainage officials are investigating suspected illegal waste water discharge along the banks of Sha Tin's Shing Mun River - once notorious for its foul odour.

Hong Kong commuters can expect to ride more on electric buses from later this year.

Companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange are slowly improving their carbon reporting measures, but the emissions of those companies are continuing to rise.

Prevalence of walking and cycling for transport is low, varying greatly across countries. Few studies have examined neighborhood perceptions related to walking and cycling for transport in different countries. Therefore it is challenging to prioritize appropriate built environment interventions. The aim of this study was to examine the strength and shape of the relationship between adults’ neighborhood perceptions and walking and cycling for transport across diverse environments.

Nairobi — Rampant illegal trading in ivory in Hong Kong is pushing elephants towards extinction, conservationists said Thursday, reporting more ivory items on sale there than in any other city.

Hong Kong was shrouded in higher-than-normal pollution yesterday as "very high" levels were recorded across some of the busiest areas of the city.

Globally, sodium intake far exceeds the level recommended by the World Health Organization. Assessing health literacy related to salt consumption among older adults could guide the development of interventions that target their knowledge gaps, misconceptions, or poor dietary practices. This study aimed to develop and validate the Chinese Health Literacy Scale for Low Salt Consumption - Hong Kong population (CHLSalt-HK).

Smokers and non-smokers both agree that larger graphic health warnings on cigarette packs will not be strong enough to deter people from the habit.

Most Hongkongers are willing to produce renewable energy at home, for example by investing in rooftop solar power generators if utility companies agree to buy the surplus electricity generated, acc