New international trade regulations could mean some more bad news for indigenous fowl breeds

The rare Jhabua kalamansi disappears from banquets, while the productive Nicobari thaiknet goes unnoticed

India, which gave the red jungle fowl, the mother of all poultry to the rest of the world, is now importing poultry from outside and destroying its own indigenous species. Today these unique breeds are disappearing, partly because of neglect and partly b

As the red jungle fowl started travelling across the globe, its connections to different aspects of human life also grew. It assumed the responsibility of sounding the wake-up call to humans. Because

The red jungle fowl (RJF) is one of the four jungle fowls found in the Indian subcontinent belonging to the genus Gallus, the other three being grey, Ceylon and green. It is also know as Gallus

If EURO II norms are not applied to the entire country by 2000, India may become the world s biggest dumpyard of obsolete, polluting technology

Does India need to import exotic fish species, when the experience with them has not been particularly good? Besides, the country already boasts of a treasure trove of fish diversity

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries have decided to put up a joint front before the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) meeting to be held in June this

Agricultural residues could help in the making of energy sufficient talukas

That the grass seems greener on the other side rings more true for Africans. They have been relying heavily on food imports to combat famine, drought, starvation and malmarition and