recently the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, denounced us president George Bush's new-found fondness for biofuels. Food stocks for millions would be threatened, Castro warned. The octogenarian

A drought-tolerant maize seed has been launched to boost food security in African countries.

The west Asian crisis, rising prices and global warming are pushing large oil users to rethink energy alternatives and biofuel has become the buzzword. Various options are

The Zimbabwean government has deployed soldiers to seize grain harvests from farmers. The "massive grain collection exercise' is to ensure food security, as the country falls 1.8 million tonnes short

On July 27, a group of Greenpeace activists entered a field of genetically engineered maize in southern France and carved a giant "crop circle' with an "X' in the field. The action, taken to mark the

Syngenta charts new GMpath

An experiment at the M B Gurudev School in the Doddaballapur taluk has proved beneficial for farmers. An eco-toilet, built in collaboration with Mythi Sarva Seva Samithi

• As many as 57 species of fish in Haryana have disappeared over the past four decades as a result of pollution and high siltation of rivers, a study found.

• UN's Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination strongly reprimanded the Botswana government over eviction of the Gana and Gwi Bushmen.

Zimbabwe is importing unmilled, genetically modified (gm) maize from Argentina, despite a ban on it. According to Reuters, local traders said that Argentinean ships loaded with yellow maize (a gm

This article examines the divergent political responses to unplanned exposure to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the Global South. Although scientific and domestic political considerations have some relevance to explaining different positions among developing countries, trade considerations appear to be a principal driver of GMO policy.