The European Commission (ec) has permitted import of food products containing Monsanto's genetically modified (gm) nk 603 maize. The decision was announced on October 26, 2004. It is meant to


GM maize to treat hepatitis B

Maize is undeniably humanity s greatest, and the first, feat of genetic engineering. But the success story cannot be attributed to modern humans. A recent research shows that it is only due to the selective breeding efforts of ancient Americans that maize

October 16, 2003 saw the release in the uk of Farm Scale Evaluations of GM Crops , the largest-ever field trials to be hitherto held. Commissioned by the uk government in 1999, the crops on

Notwithstanding the resounding failure of its Bt cotton, Monsanto has begun to introduce another genetically modified crop into India, its proprietary maize variety called Roundup Ready corn. The government s Review Committee on Genetic Manipulation has g

Else, Bt may become ineffective

AP farmers feel the crunch

Hot clime to effect the crop

Impasse over biotechnology offers no solution to the world s hungry