It's a scam with a difference. Khem Singh Gill, vice-chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, and a noted wheat-breeder himself, is the target of allegations that PBW 34, a

Brazil and the US are locked in hot competition over ethanol trade, with the former seeking more market access and the latter determined to protect its domestic producers.

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today assured the Prime Minister that the state would meet its grain production target for the national food pool. However, the state and its farmers paid a heavy price to maintain the crop due to unprecedented dry spell, he said.

US ethanol producers have had no joy from the stock market. The financial figures of many are awful. Venture capitalists are holding back investment - preferring new fuel sources.

This story reminds one of the Hollywood blockbuster of the 1960s that changed the way many people looked at birds. Gigantic flocks of the quela quela (Quelea quelea) bird have attacked rice and maize

Magaram Bhil speaks to Down To Earth

Seed major Monsanto has been held guilty for supplying Bihar's farmers with bad quality hybrid maize seeds two years ago and causing them huge losses. A House panel of the state government recently

Death, food shortage in Kenya due to aflatoxin infected maize

After a protracted debate over genetically modified (gm) maize in the uk, the British government is all set to approve the commercial production of the transgenic crop. The government advisers,

Over the next 50 years, harvests of staple crops like rice, maize and wheat may be reduced by one- third due to global warming. This has been revealed by a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)