Is there a global crisis unravelling? World food reserves are at their lowest in 25 years and the prices of most food crops are at a record high. This is causing inflation in several countries from Egypt to China even riots in Mexico and western Africa. G

Drought To Worsen Zimbabwe Food Situation

Drought To Worsen Zimbabwe Food Situation

Under the current scenario of farming with changing natural resource base, food habits, industrialisation, maize having adaptability across diverse soil and climatic conditions has emerged as an important crop for food and nutritional security and farm economy. Among all the cereals, the growth of maize production is highest (4.2%), which is much higher than the major crops (rice and wheat). April 2008

India is a country with vast population having crossed over 110 crores mark and growing at alarming rate. It is yet another fact of concern that there has not been a proportionate increase in the production level of foodgrains in the country.

Adopting the Pakistani pattern of maize cultivation has proved a boon for Punjab state farmers as they have doubled their production.

The sequencing of maize genomes and the development of new strains are enabling faster exploitation of this key crop's natural diversity.

A diagnostic survey was conducted in rice-wheat and maize-wheat blocks of Bulandshahr district for identification of tillage and other related soil physical constraints in farmers' fields.

on january 11, France decided to extend its October 2007 ban on a variety of gm maize. It decided to activate a European Union guideline that prohibits the cultivation of gm corn. The variety,

Higher atmospheric CO2 concentration may influence positively plant production once the substrate for photosynthesis and gradient increase between the ambient air and mesophyll cells.