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A case under various sections of IPC was registered against then Union Carbide Corporation chairman Warren Anderson and several functionaries of the company for causing immense loss to human and cattle life. But it has not been handled with due care. There are so many disturbing aspects of the whole episode, reports N D Sharma from Bhopal.

The test of a firm's success lies in its efficiency. That means quite a lot, much more than a simple one-line statement. But it is better to start with a set of important facts relating to whatever happended or did not happen in the process of the Bhopal gas tragedy and other directly and indirectly related matters, argues Prof. Kumaresh Chakravarty.

Naxalites have decided to train their guns against Multinational Companies (MNCs) operating in India.

Rajat Guha

This paper explores how organizations are responding to the complexities associated with climate change risks and opportunities within their businesses. It is based on a global survey of 300 executives representing companies with revenues of more than US$1b annually from 16 countries and 18 industry sectors.

This report briefly outlines the nature of the global corporate risk around water. It says that businesses around the world must act now if they are to fend off the threat of a growing water shortage and highlights ways in which they can better manage this growing risk.

The expert panel formed by the Kerala government to investigate the damages caused by the Coca-Cola plant in Plachimada has finalised its report and this would have been submitted to the government for further action by the time these columns appear in print. According to media

In recent years, something happened on the way to the corporate planned industrialised food future; something agribusiness did not see coming. Despite untold billions spent in advertising and disinformation campaigns, people started making the connections between industrial food and ecological and social destruction.

If you care about the environment, you may want to show that in the way you spend your money. These decisions could help steer us towards a truly green economy - but only if consumers and investors have a good idea of which companies have genuinely minimised their impact on the environment.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) recognizes the critical linkages that exist between land use and climate change (including agricultural and forestry activities). Indeed, changes in the Earth