Flood hazard is one of the most severe problems in the Himalayan river basins. Although floods are essentially hydrological phenomenon, the uneven distribution of floods in the river basin highlights the control of geomorphological and geological factors. A proper understanding of these factors is critical for a successful flood management programme. Remote sensing data is of immense value in evaluating the geomorphological and geological controls in flooding. The present paper highlights the control of geomorphology and neotectonics on flood hazard in north Bihar Plains, eastern India.

Archaeology is the science that studies the remains of past cultures by investigating and analysing the objects people leave behind. It is a serious attempt to record and understand the past. As an area of study, it demands much from other science and soc

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most diverse but fragile Island landscapes where developmental activities have caused serious implications, resulting in loss of habitat and subsequent extinction of species.

Experts attempt to map the mythical river's palaeo channels and put them to good use

Non-resident Indian websites caused ripples when they claimed that a 30-kilometre-long bridge of shoals, across the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka whose images were captured by the National

Ecological impact of joint forest management (JFM) in India was assessed using the studies undertaken at national, state and forest division levels. It was found that there are very few studies that have specifically addressed the ecological aspects under JFM. The study noted that there are significant strides made in promoting JFM, but the program still needs to address a lot of inadequacies.

Government does little with records that could help reduce effect of drought on agriculture

Flood Studies in India brings to fore several aspects of this natural disaster that are not yet conventional wisdom in policy circles. The book looks at floods from a variety of expertise areas, such

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