genetic studies at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (ccmb) in Hyderabad has thrown up interesting results on the rice plant. One finding says that the 'leaf blight' might not have come

The first hybrid rice variety developed in India has taken farmers by storm

Nothing more than a vote catcher, Andhra Pradesh s cheap rice scheme has resulted in an ecological disaster in its drought prone areas

An American company appropriates the name 'basmati' as its own, and the contentious issue of patents and protection comes to the fore once again

The shortage of fertilisers is proving to be a major cause for the current peasant unrest in Bangladesh. Farmers, unable to grow the region's main rice crop this season, demonstrated before the

With the creation of a new variety of rice plant which is resistant to bacterial leaf blight, genetic engineering has once again made one of its most effective imprints in agriculture. The transformed species could put an end to the devastation

A new and healthier version of rice promises to produce and provide more for Asia's teeming millions

MORE the foodgrain, less the space to store them. Fihding itself in such a piquant situation, the Food Corporation of India (FU), has embarked on an ambitious Rs 10 billion project to suitably

Scientists at the Cuttack-based Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) have developed a high yielding variety of rice called Lunishree that requires the minimal use of fertilisers, has a high

THIS is a collecton of papers originating from a study of the North Arcot district in the early '80s, undertaken under the auspices of the Washington-based International Food Policy Research