In a significant breakthrough, the Hyderabad-based Directorate of Rice Research has developed five commercially viable, hybrid rice varieties from indigenous species. Indian Council of Agricultural

While the cultivation of paddy in Punjab (and Haryana) does need some curbing, the extreme forebodings of either total groundwater exhaustion in Punjab or of the state turning into a desert of paddy growing is not curbed forthwith are unwarranted.

FACED with the daunting task of making Australia's meat-and-potatoes consumers switch to meat-and-rice, growers are hoping to exploit the recent royal wedding in Japan. They have launched an

Promising initial tests of new rice strains with high potential for farmers have spurred biotechnologists to press ahead with the search for transgenic rice strains that are disease resistant

A RICE shortage is imminent by the turn of the century because of paucity of funds and a declining interest in projects to improve yields, says Gurdev Khush of the International Rice Research

THE SUB-TITLE of the book: Research Strategies and IRRI's Technologies Confront Asian Diversity (1950-1980) says what the book is all about. The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), set

Darshan S Brar, who has been working for years on rice hybrids at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines, talks about gene transfer techniques that develop resistance to insects in plants.

New varieties of rice that can be grown in flood hit areas are producing higher yields. Combined with other crops, they can give the farmer a better deal.

Experiments by the Academy for Development of Science in Karjat have led researchers to conclude that gene banks are best created and controlled by farmers at the village level

A 10-mw power plant based on rice straw, the first of its kind in the world, will'become operational in Jal Kheri village in Patiala district of Punjab in November this year. The plant will